Tentative schedule: open schedule
Start list: Currently not available
Dressing rooms: available
Liability: No liability for personal belongings. There is no liability at all for the organizer for any lost or stolen items. Please never leave personal belongings unattended.
Food and beverages: You are not allowed to bring food and drinks to the event!
Catering at your disposal on site.
No Smoking: Smoking is strictly forbidden in the entire event area.
If you ignore the smoking ban you will be sent out of the hall without exceptions (including the participants !!!)
Video: It is allowed to film. There is no official video!
Lost and found: At the check-in counter during the event. For information post event please call Tel.: +49 7142 67776 not before Tuesday.
Adjudicators: Adjudicators will be appointed from the IDO.

During the event all rounds, placements and further information will be published. Dancers participating will receive their diploma/certificate at the Check-In counter. The results will be published in the internet after the event.